Far-left Labour group Momentum have released a video titled ‘Transphobia; Skip It.’ The two-minute film is a montage of politicians of the past decrying homosexuality as ‘immoral’ and ‘unnatural’ to an upbeat soundtrack. The message is that ‘trans’ is the new ‘gay;’ it is a warning to viewers to make sure they are on the ‘right side of history.’

The presenter is transwoman Juno Dawson, who is on the record as saying “A lot of gay men are gay men as a consolation prize because they couldn’t be women.” This unwittingly telling comment reveals much about the intolerance and homophobia of the modern transgender movement. Extreme examples include lesbians being told that they are ‘vagina fetishists’ for not considering transwomen as sexual partners. These abusive and absurd comments represent the views of only a tiny minority of transgender activists, though they are the logical end-point of the belief that each of us has an innate feeling of ‘gender identity.’ There is no scientific evidence for the existence of ‘gender identity’ and most of us understand ourselves as female or male depending upon our genitals. The different social treatment we receive depending on the contents of our pants is what might be called ‘gender’ or indeed, plain old sexism. We fancy people on the basis of sex, not the internalised sexist stereotypes that underpin ‘gender identity.’

If one sincerely believes, as everyone from Stonewall to Penny Mordaunt MP appear to, that ‘transwomen are women,’ then it is fair to assume that biological sex is less important in determining sexual attraction than gender identity. Perhaps it is to some people, but to most this is deeply offensive — it erases both the experience of homosexual and heterosexual people who consider their partners’ genitals quite important to their sex lives.

What the woke Momentum film doesn’t say, is that the vast majority of transwomen do not elect to have any surgery or take hormones, and according to transgender advocacy group GIRES only 20 percent ever intend to do so. There is nothing to distinguish between men who cross-dress from those who suffer from gender dysphoria. The Momentum video, timed to coincide with the ongoing consultation on the amendment to the Gender Recognition Act, somewhat conveniently fails to mention that the government is proposing to do away with the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria, which will in effect make women-only services and spaces, such as prisons, changing rooms and support services, open to anyone who identifies as a woman. In championing the rights of a tiny minority of people who identify as transgender, Momentum are actively working to remove the safeguards that the majority of the population, females, depend upon to protect their freedom, dignity and safety. Attempts to draw parallel between the rights of transgender people and those of lesbian, gay and bisexual people are facile and insulting. Many of those who were part of the liberation of lesbians in the UK are now smeared by transgender activists as ‘TERFs’ (trans exclusionary radical feminists). This includes left-leaning feminist activists such as Julie Bindel and Linda Bellos.

Learning to understand one’s sexual orientation does not require the removal of healthy body parts, nor a life-sentence of synthetic hormones. For many of those who are born female, becoming a ‘transman’ does. Over two thirds of children presenting at Gender Identity Clinics are natal girls; there is mounting evidence to suggest that many of these children would otherwise grow up to be out and proud lesbian or bisexual adults. There is nothing progressive about advocating that children, who Dawson helpfully reminds us are ‘coming out’ as trans in increasing numbers, sterilise themselves with surgery and hormones in order to meet sexist stereotypes that belong in the 1950s.

It is telling that Momentum have never made a video about the struggles of lesbian, bisexual or gay people, or even the rights of 52 percent of the population; the group with vulvas who were formerly known as ‘women.’ A government consultation on domestic violence has just closed, yet I don’t remember seeing Momentum urging supporters to take part. In making and promoting this video Momentum have aligned themselves with some unlikely supporters, from the Tory MP Maria Miller who first pushed for an amendment to the Gender Recognition Act, to the Royal Bank of Scotland who were among other establishment organisations to submit an official response to the Scottish GRA Consultation.

So there we have it, Momentum have allied with the Conservative government to bash women. Well done boys.

Writer campaigning for the rights of women and girls. http://www.jobartosch.com/